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In today’s business environment,it is more important than ever to communicate effectively while feeling safe and confident that you can depend on technology for a hassle-free experience.

CaribTech Solutions is here for you.

Board Rooms, Meeting Rooms And Conference Rooms Avc

Our sophisticated, but simple to use Audio/Video/Control (AVC) solutions are great for organizations looking to improve the productivity and efficiency of its meeting spaces.

A boardroom or meeting space designed and implemented by CaribTech offers simplicity, efficiency, and productivity with cost-effective integrated automation and control solutions for today’s technology-rich presentation facilities. Our solutions can be customized to predict user actions based on who, when and what to do.

Video Conferencing

Video is becoming the most widely used means of communication within an enterprise. The success of video conferencing stands or falls on outstanding user experience. A Video conference solution must be reliable, consistent, easy to use, and appropriately design based on needs as well as space. That sounds simple, but the underlying technology is complex. In a bid to remove that complexity for you, we have partnered with industry leaders. We design and develop purpose-built solutions and preconfigured services which make the implementation and use of video conferencing even easier.

Technology Aided Learning Environments (Tale)

Educational institutions are increasingly embracing technology in the classroom as a means of improving academic achievement. Various digital technologies have been introduced to education over the years from projectors and televisions to computers and smart boards, and recently video and web-conferencing via the Internet. We work with educators to create the most comprehensive portfolio of integrated, standards-based, end-to-end solutions for all class sizes and networks.

Ip Pbx

IP PBX systems can transform the way businesses operate by providing access to a company’s internal telephony system from anywhere in the world. In doing so, IP Telephony enables businesses to leverage their people and resources while improving their bottom line. The technology can help businesses meet their voice communications requirements at far fewer capital costs and operational expenses than traditional voice solutions. Customers receive a seamless experience when calling, and employees have the flexibility that our digital world requires.

Ip Surveillance

IP Surveillance allow control and viewing of cameras over a Local or Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) as opposed to a traditional CCTV solution which is more local based in its application. In addition to the viewing of camera imagery over a network, IP monitoring has the following advantages:
Simplicity in installation and system manipulation
Scalability – A network video system can grow with a user’s needs—one camera at a time, while analogue systems can often only grow in steps of four or 16 at a time.
Wireless Capability – removes the need to wire the system for video and control. This reduces installation time and cost, both at the onset and for future expansion.
Heightened Security – Permission levels can be set for each system

Sound Masking

Modern open offices contain far more reflective materials, such as glass and wood, than ever before. Then, combine those factors with more benching and less private offices. While these changes have made workplaces more aesthetically pleasing and collaborative, it has also affected the acoustics. Sound Masking is a specifically tuned ambient background sound that targets the same frequency as human speech, reducing its intelligibility. By adding sound masking to a workplace, conversations are notably less intelligible or noticeable, and thus less distracting. The workplace becomes more comfortable, private, and productive.



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